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Join us Monday-Friday 3pm at the 1st Street Jetty for our December Cold Plunge Challenge and donate to our December Fundraiser


A holistic approach to education beyond the standard curriculum.

Rising Tide Academy, a STEM academy and life preparatory school for students in the Hampton Roads area

Focusing on students ages 6-11 Virginia Beach, VA
Our Curriculum is designed to be fluid and cater to the needs of each student.

Our academic program models Montesorri values as well as places a heavy emphasis on
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Mindfulness Development.

 Our comprehensive program includes but is not limited to:

  • STEM Education

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Discussion Based Teaching

  • Research and Reading

  • Athletic Conditioning

  • Culinary Arts and Nutrition

  • Art and Music

  • Mindfulness Practices

Image by Ben Curry

Our approach to learning is guided by our core values

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