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The Best for
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Welcome to Rising Tide

Our atmosphere, which follows the Montessori approach to adolescent education, provides students with both hands-on and cerebral learning opportunities.
Our class times are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm but can be flexible based on need. 

How we do this

Our education environment includes the school facility, the local natural environment, and off-campus venues where students work together or with professional direction.


We are committed to creating an environment where each student is free to explore, choose, decide, experiment, and succeed without fear. The individual work cycle and collaborative group tasks offer the structure for this learning process (both at school and off-campus). Our small class size (15 students maximum) ensures that your child is given the maximum amount of attention and support.

Kids Handwriting

Our daily schedule is divided into two parts: Morning & Afternoon

Our work cycle is a daily set aside period (2-3 hours) for uninterrupted solo study using materials appropriate for each student's level and pace of growth. Our work cycle begins after our daily morning exercise routines to ensure optimal mental clarity. During the work cycle, independence is fostered. After years of following the same routine, students come to see the work cycle as a state of mind, a work ethic, and a creative and productive attitude that they take with them wherever they go. 

A look at our Morning...

At the start of each school day students write their work schedule in a journal. This commitment to creating time for students to work on specific subjects for an uninterrupted period allows them to become completely immersed in their work. Concentration, focus, self-discipline, and responsibility for the task at hand are all cultivated through this type of work. On some days, team/group work on specific projects (short or long term) or seminars may be part of the work cycle. On other days, field trips and excursions will provide time for exploration.


A glance at our afternoon

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Students work in nature or spend time in our off-campus sites after lunchtime, usually under the supervision of experts in certain subjects. Seminars, the arts, or physical education are commonly used to bolster the educational themes of the week. After school, the second half of the work cycle takes place at home. The students then complete the remainder of their work (or alter it if required). Weekly check-ins with parents and students ensure that students are on track and held accountably. Private tutoring is available Friday upon request.


Our Work Cycle

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