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Your Teacher,

Certified and insured, Johnathan Fay and Rising Tide Academy can satisfy state education laws regarding compulsory attendance and testing as an alternative to public or private school.


Johnathan Fay is a lifelong learner and committed to educational excellence in the community. Growing up in Virginia Beach he found his first teacher, the Ocean. His passion for the ocean and surfing drove him to study Environmental Science at San Diego State University. In San Diego, he discovered his second teacher, Yoga. His desire to master the ancient arts inspired him to travel the world, from the jungles of Peru to the isolated peaks of the Himalayas. Along his travels, he met numerous inspiring and life-changing mentors. He taught at San Diego State University as the head of the Surfing Program in the exercise and nutritional science department until 2018 when he moved back to Virginia Beach. Equipped with a thorough experiential and practical understanding of teaching and a heartfelt yearning to better his community he decided to teach Science. Johnathan Fay taught Oceanography and Earth Science at Kellam High School from 2018 to 2019. He taught Earth Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Meteorology, and Astronomy at Granby High School from 2019 to 2022. He continues to teach Oceanography and Earth Science for Virtual Virginia. While in the school system, he is not of the system. Rising Tide Academy was born out of a need for schools to address the total development of human potential. At Rising Tide Academy we are committed to building Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Mindful mastery of each student in order to usher in the next generation of Noble Leaders.


Bachelor's of Science Degree in Environmental Science 

San Diego State University

As well as a certificate of Environmental Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

A Master's of Education in Advanced Studies

American College of Education


  • Virginia State Teaching License 

  • Certified tutor certificate from VBCPS

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